Department of English

Teachers’ researches focus on linguistics, English literature, Translation, cross-culture communication, business English, teaching pedagogy, and second language acquisition.

Department of College English Teaching

The Department of College English Teaching has devoted itself to the education of students, from freshmen to juniors through compulsory and optional language courses. The faculty members have a full range of research interests in addition to language teaching. The academic research mainly covers the field of second language instruction, translation studies, British & American literature studies and cognitive-functional grammar studies. The research serves the teaching purposes of the department and facilitates students’ learning of English. By the end of 2018, more than sixty papers have been published in various academic journals.


Department of Japanese


Teachers’ researches focus on Japanese linguistics, Japanese literature, and business Japanese.



Department of Journalism & Communication


The primary research areas of the department include journalism, advertising and network &new media.

Specifically, journalism researches involve media convergence, Marxist journalism thoughts, media literacy, and journalism history. Advertising researches center upon film and television advertising creativity, marketing &advertising planning, and marketing. Network &new media researches are directed at cyberculture, new media operation and management, social media, and online public opinion monitoring.


Department of Chinese Language and Literature


The faculty are carrying researches orienting to ancient literature, modern and contemporary literature, linguistics and culture creative.

Specifically, ancient literature researches involve literature of Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, stylistics, poetics, Chinese classical novel studies; modern and contemporary literature researches aim at religion and literature, Lu-xun Studies, contemporary literature & Chinese language education and studies on feminist literature; linguistic studies are directed at syntax, semantics and teaching Chinese as a foreign language; culture creative concerns studies of culture industry, brand culture communication. Besides, a year-round course “Writing and Communication” renders it a new research direction.